Totally biodegradable

S200 Oil Gone

S200 combines nutrient technology and a revolutionary delivery package to convey an effective, next generation stimulant package for the environmentally sound resolution of oil contamination.

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Hydrocarbon Spills

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One application cleans the spill on land or water

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S200 OilGone® has been proven to agglomerate sheens on surface water without dispersing the hydrocarbon into the water column. S200 OilGone® is being used to agglomerate the hydrocarbon out of the water in sumps and basins thus allowing the water to be removed without environmental harm to the surroundings or exceeding NPDES permit levels.

After application of S200 OilGone® on the hydrocarbon whether on land or on water, the resulting ‘rainbow’ during and after rain events is eliminated. The synergy between theS200 OilGone®/hydrocarbon combination and the indigenous hydrocarbon degrading bacteria consortium transforms the hydrocarbon pollution into CO² and water vapor.

S200 OilGone® is a revolutionary bioremediation accelerator that contains no bacteria. S200 OilGone® is an oleophilic, microemulsion that selectively supplies hydrocarbon degrading bacteria with the necessary nutrients to eliminate hydrocarbon pollution. S200 OilGone® bonds to the hydrocarbon and is not washed off by rain or tidal actions eliminating the need to reapply after these events.

S200 OilGone® for sheen removal

When applied on water, the product will not disperse in the water column. It attaches to the hydrocarbon and creates an agglomerated gel that remains on the surface where there is an aerobic environment. This action removes the sheen and creates the optimum conditions for biodegradation or removal. S200 OilGone® has been used successfully for sheen removal from a diesel spill on the Boyne River in Ireland and for sheen collection within booms on the Chicago River. The US EPA has used S200 OilGone® in the northwest for sheen mitigation from a workboat fuel spill during a dredging project. S200 OilGone® is being used in Australia to eliminate the sheen caused by over-fueling recreational boats at marina piers.


Before                                                                 After

S200 OilGone® uses on water

When added to a hydrocarbon/water stream, S200 OilGone® agglomerates both insoluble and soluble hydrocarbons into an insoluble structure. This can then be filtered out using conventional filtering equipment leaving the water stream hydrocarbon free. This concept has been tested in Norway for use on produced water streams from off shore oil platforms.

S200 OilGone® for bioremediation

S200 OilGone® is a bioremediation accelerator used throughout the world for the remediation of hydrocarbon spills and leaks. It does not contain bacteria (like other products), nor is it a dispersant. Instead, S200 OilGone® is a non-intrusive, cost-effective remedy for the cleanup of hydrocarbons that include (but not limited to) gasoline, diesel fuel (#2 through #6), jet fuel, kerosene, lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids and crude oil. S200 OilGone® is an opaque liquid that can be easily dispersed using traditional liquid spraying equipment such as pressurized sprayers and backpack sprayers.

S200 OilGone® combines nutrient technology and a revolutionary delivery package to convey an effective, next generation stimulant product for the environmentally sound resolution of oil contamination. Instead of adding foreign bacteria to a contaminated site like other products, S200 OilGone® provides nutrients to promote the rapid growth of natural oil eating bacterial colonies indigenous to the contaminated area. Chemically engineered to adhere to the hydrocarbon contaminant, S200 OilGone® remains attached to the contaminant throughout the remediation process even when washed away. No other does this. And by encapsulating the nutrients in the oleophilic (adheres to oil) shell, the nutrients are accessible only to the hydrocarbon-consuming bacteria. This ensures the growth of only the desired bacterial colonies.

S200 OilGone® is the next generation improvement on the technology that successfully cleaned over 70 miles of Alaskan coastline contaminated by the M/V EXXON VALDEZ oil spill. It is the only product selected for the ecologically fragile Spanish coast in the continuing clean up of the M/V PRESTIGE oil spill. Thoroughly tested in laboratories, on site and under actual conditions by both the U.S. and Spanish governments, S200 OilGone® is a 21st century hydrocarbon clean up product. S200 OilGone® comes in liquid form, is easily applied, and in most instances only one application is needed. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and requires no special handling or storage.

How does S200 OilGone® work?

With one simple application, the interface is charged with a nutrient soup that selectively stimulates the rapid multiplication of natural, oil eating bacteria. The contamination is digested and leaves a harmless residue of carbon dioxide and water.

S200 OilGone’s® oleophilic outer shell adheres to hydrocarbon and will remain attached regardless of rain, wind or tides. The outer shell acts as starter food for the desired indigenous hydrocarbon degrading bacteria, targeting only these specific bacteria. The result is a rapid, efficient exponential growth of the bacteria to decontaminate the pollution site. Once the oleophilic outer shell is broken through by the indigenous bacteria, the interface between the bacteria and the hydrocarbon is further enhanced with additional nutrients needed to fully develop the bacterial colony and completely eliminate the pollutant. After the bacteria consume the hydrocarbon, they feed on each other and return the colony to its pre-spill level.